Reviews !

“In my final semester of undergrad, I have been feeling lost and anxious about which direction I want to go after graduation. I was struggling with choosing a career path and had difficulties with making any big decisions. Ethel has helped me construct the tools and strategies to get to where I want to be, make decisions that will serve me, and the new mindset to reach my goals. My self-confidence has improved immensely since being coached by Ethel. With my new mindset and the tools and strategies Ethel has taught me, I am fully confident that I am able to reach my goals, and am looking forward to graduation and starting my career!” Siffa M, Port Coquitlam


“When I started my law practice it was not without some trepidation – there were unknowns, anxieties, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish. I knew that I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to earn enough to live, and I wanted to be an awesome lawyer for my clients – but almost nothing beyond that. In the past couple of months, Ethel has helped me to take a step back and figure out what is and isn’t serving me. She has given me tools and strategies to help me take control and to have a clearer vision of where I am and where I want to be. This has not only increased my personal well-being (I am less anxious!), but it has also allowed me to be more ambitious and consequently more profitable. I achieved my modest, short-term financial goals, and am working with her to reset them to levels that I did not think would be possible within my first year of practice. If you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend Ethel’s coaching to help you set and achieve your goals – whatever they may be!” Elizabeth M, Vancouver

“After six weeks of Ethel’s coaching,  it has had a very positive impact on my life. Initially, Ethel helped me to take up my writing project, which had been on hold for over a year. Also, it has had a positive effect on other aspects of my daily life, particularly in setting goals and achieving them. I feel calmer and more focused as I approach each day and finally, I feel In control of my own life!
Thank you Ethel; your coaching talent is indeed a blessing.” Connie C , Vancouver

Coaching with Ethel has been a powerful opportunity for my  personal learning and growth. As I enter my life’s third phase and prepare for retirement, I feel the need to refocus my energies and direction. Ethel creates a safe and caring partnership in which to explore goals, strengths, skills and behaviour patterns. She teaches a 6 step problem solving process to use in any of life’s situations. As well, she helps  build a tool chest of resources and learning activities I can use in the future. 
I highly recommend Ethel as a Life Coach.  Especially in this time of Covid and at this time of life, we can all benefit from Ethel’s supportive and constructive coaching. My work with Ethel has been a gift. It helps me stay in the present moment and accept and  enjoy my life to the fullest.
Linda S ., Maple Ridge

I recently completed six sessions of Ethel’s six week Coaching program.  Each session was informative, enlightening and rewarding.

Initially I believed Ethel was going to coach me to better success with my mission to lose some weight.  So…I was thinking I would be getting advice regarding diet, exercise and yadda…yadda…
Most of the first session was me answering Ethel’s probing but insightful questions regarding my lifestyle, life events,goals and objectives.  Sometimes, over the six sessions, her questions seemed intrusive, but Ethel’s professionalism, gentleness and good humour left me feeling comfortable. And we had lots of laughs, I had fun and always looked forward to the next session.
Bonus…With her coaching, some of my beliefs were reinforced, some replaced and I learned some new strategies:
-Setting goals and planning and preplanning for their successful completion.  This can include other aspects and events in your life such as relationship management, home decluttering, etc.
-The importance of preplanning and strategies for doing.
-Identifying possible triggers for failure and converting them to rewards.  
Instead of an impromptu glass of wine with dinner being a possible trigger for failure, a preplanned glass of wine with a preplanned special dinner can be a preplanned reward.
-Strategy for successful diet using fasting, the 6 hour fast, and other strategies by Jason Fung.
Thank you Ethel
Len S
Prince George, BC