Are you experiencing a ‘brain fog’ that you think is a natural part of ageing ‘ a given’? Have you resigned yourself to believing that detachment is your preferred ageing style? Do you feel a sense of stagnation in retirement? 

 I am offering you an opportunity to discover the power of your mind. I invite you to reclaim your personal agency that may have diminished as your age advances. As a Certified Life and Weight Coach, I know that through your own ‘Mind Management’, I can help you to realize that you, too, can make your dreams become your reality.

I help women to think in new ways about their futures and to motivate themselves to ‘dream big’ again, set meaningful goals and move into action that they need to take in order to achieve their goals. I have created a six-week individualized program where women over 60 realize that their futures are limited, not by their age but, by what they are believing about their age. These beliefs are often obtained from their family, society, media, and negative ageing trajectory predictions. I use a solution based causal model. You will learn that your circumstances do not produce unwanted results in your life. You have more power than you know! You have power over your thoughts, that produce your feelings, that cause your actions, to obtain the wanted results evident in your life. While my primary focus is the Phase III woman, I coach individuals of all ages and genders.

Given my extensive nursing background, I incorporate a variety of social/psychological/science-based theories into my coaching practice. I also use other modalities that include: mindfulness, yoga, meditation, energetic practices and humour. During my coaching sessions, I use visual diagrams to show you your own mind and to teach these underlying concepts, much like a sports coach would diagram game strategies. When you finish my 6-week program, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to coach yourself. My endgame, as your coach, is to do myself out of a job. To me, success is when you are able to coach yourself towards a more fulfilling future!

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I offer a 6-week individualized, one on one coaching program, tailored to meet YOUR needs. Each session is one hour in length. To begin with, you will identify one area of your life that you want to change or something that you want to create in your life. Using a 6 step problem solving, future-focused process, you will learn the mind mastery skills that will help you achieve your predetermined goal. You will move from inaction to action! 

I offer one-hour episodic coaching sessions. In these sessions, individual clients will be coached on a single targeted issue using a causal, thought-based approach to resolve their issue.

You do not have to prepare for a session at all. Come to your session and let me take care of you.

 In this Covid Era, all sessions are conducted remotely using Zoom or other distance platforms. Telephone sessions are also an option.

I invite you to take this first BOLD step forward into a regret-free future. I promise you that you will experience a renewed sense of vitality and zest for life after coaching with me.

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